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Qualified mediators that suit your needs.

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Professional & Compassionate Mediators

At Opt-in Mediation Group LLC we understand that going through any litigation is a challenging and emotional process.  Whether you are going through a divorce, or in a dispute with your neighbor, or seeking to recover money damages, or simply a Defendant in a lawsuit, we are here to help.  Our goal is to provide you with supportive and effective mediation services that address your individual needs.


While fostering a respectful and collaborative atmosphere throughout the mediation process, our qualified, trained and experienced mediators utilize varied approaches and techniques to ensure that your needs, emotions, and legal considerations are all taken into account.  

Our Mediators

Our mediators are highly trained individuals who practice in various jurisdictions and come from diverse backgrounds.  Our mediators' past employment and education allow for the parties to select the right mediator for them and their current needs.  You will also discover that each of our mediators are community focused and give back to the community in their own way.  By utilizing virtual sessions, our mediators are able to expand their services to everyone who is comfortable utilizing the technology available to us today.


Our Services

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Civil Mediation

At Opt-In Mediation Group LLC we provide compassionate and professional Civil mediation services that help guide you through disputes that are unrelated to Family matters (although we handle those too.).  We will assist you in resolving issues with business partners, neighbors, landlords, financial institutions, insurance companies, commercial entities and other individuals.

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Family Law Mediation

Our team of very experienced Family mediators can help individuals preparing to get married by negotiating "pre-nuptial" agreements; assist couples in the process of getting a divorce; and even help the couple who have been divorced but still need to negotiate post-divorce issues.  Our Family mediators will assist with custody/visitation issues, as well as assisting the parties in figuring out a fair resolution to the dividing up of their assets and liabilities.

Signing a Contract


Although mediation is the preferred method for the parties to reach a consensus as to how the parties should resolve their disputes, we offer "arbitration services" for those individuals that are seeking a "final and dispositive decision" from our members.  

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About Us

Opt-In Mediation Group LLC and our individual mediators are committed to guiding you through disputes with compassion, understanding, and professionalism. Our highly skilled mediators offer comprehensive mediation services that address your concerns and hesitations with communication and sustainable agreements. We pride ourselves on being a trusted resource for our clients, providing expert guidance and support throughout the mediation process.  We assist you with your goal of finding a resolution that will put an ending to your dispute and one which you can live with going into the future.

What Clients Say about Glenn P. Milgraum

“Professional, personable and efficient. Thank you for being reasonable and kind!” 
Kate N.

Contact Us


For any inquiries or questions, please call us at (561)739-8719 or fill out the following form.

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Our Offices


Opt-in Mediation Group LLC

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Opt-in Mediation Group LLC

C/O Glenn P. Milgraum

282 Morningstar Road

Staten Island, New York 10303


Opt-in Mediation Group LLC

C/O Glenn P. Milgraum

59 Chestnut Court

Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

Join Opt-in Mediation Group LLC

If you are a mediator and are interested in joining Opt-in Mediation Group LLC in furtherance of our mission, feel free to contact Glenn P. Milgraum, Esq., APM for further information.


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