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There are many benefits of utilizing the services of Opt-in Mediation Group LLC and its experienced mediators in New Jersey.


Whether you know it or not, New Jersey is experiencing a drastic delay in all civil litigation (including "Family Matters") due to an extraordinary number of judicial vacancies.  Some counties have recently put a total freeze on hearing any civil matters.  One remedy is to utilize the services of trained mediators who can assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreed upon settlement that can be filed with the Court “on the papers”, if need be.


In a world where conflicts are an inevitable part of human interaction, the methods chosen to resolve these conflicts can greatly impact the outcomes for all parties involved.  Traditional litigation, while sometimes necessary, can be time-consuming, emotionally draining, and financially burdensome.  


Mediation, as a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), involves a neutral third-party, the mediator, who facilitates communication and negotiation between the conflicting parties.  Unlike litigation, which is adversarial by nature, mediation fosters an environment where collaboration and compromise are encouraged.  This process can be particularly beneficial for litigants looking to maintain some form of on-going relationship, such as co-parents or business partners, as it enables them to work together to craft solutions that suit their unique circumstances.


One of the primary reasons a litigant should utilize Opt-in Mediation Group LLC is the nuanced expertise we bring to the table.


Mr. Glenn P. Milgraum, Esq., APM, our founder and “primary mediator” possesses a deep understanding of both the mediation process itself and the subject matter of the disputes he chooses to mediate. This layer of expertise allows him to guide the parties through complex legal, financial, or interpersonal issues, ensuring that all relevant aspects are thoroughly addressed.  Mr. Milgraum is an experienced "trial attorney" with over 35 years of litigation experience.  The litigation subjects that have been addressed by him through the courts in New York and New Jersey include but are not limited to: Matrimonial Disputes (Divorce, Custody/Visitation, Parenting Plans, Relocation, Support, etc.); Real Estate and Property Disputes (including Adverse Possession. Easements and Construction Defects); Restrictive Covenants; Mortgage Fraud; Commercial Litigation and Collection; Commission and Non-compete Disputes; Dissolution of Corporations and Partnerships; HOA, Co-op and Condo Disputes; Estate Disputes; and other general grievances. In addition, he has handled many transactional events which do not require Court intervention (i.e.: real estate closings, contract drafting, loan restructuring, pre-nuptials, corporate formation and maintenance, etc.) 

Ms. Suzanne English, MA, is the current President of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM). She is a highly skilled and experienced mediator practicing in both civil and divorce mediation for the past 10 years. Suzanne also has a passion for child welfare and public policy, demonstrated through her Master’s concentration in child advocacy and engagements with organizations such as CASA and Ginnie’s House Children’s Advocacy Center. Her practice draws upon her educational background in public policy focused on child advocacy, as well as her decades of experience in (re)insurance claims and arbitration. She is a trained paralegal and professional with a strong background in advocacy, legal research, and reinsurance contract wording. Her (re)insurance expertise includes claims settlement and contract wording resolutions while serving in a client support role as a broker at Lloyd’s of London. She also served as a principal at English ReSources, a boutique reinsurance consulting firm that offered reinsurance placement advisory and arbitration services.

Ms. Linda Robayo, Esq., is a family law attorney with extensive experience handling divorce litigation, child support, alimony, parenting plans, domestic violence adoptions, custody, and property division.  Ms. Robayo is fluent in Spanish and has obtained nation-wide certification as a "Divorce Coach" and "Transition and Recovery Coach".  If you are self-sufficient, Ms. Robayo will gladly act as your neutral third-party mediator to help you and your spouse settle your divorce on your terms.  If you have already reached an agreement with your spouse in a New Jersey matter, Ms. Robayo can act as your independent attorney for "attorney review".

Ms. Zoe Cassotis has a "non-legal" background and has performed a wide variety of negotiations over her career across multiple industries, including Defense, HR/Employee Benefits, Insurance, Agriculture, Retail and Warehouse Distribution, Healthcare, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Supply Chain, Data Management, Data Privacy, Security and Music.  In addition, Ms. Cassotis has held roles in engineering, IT, healthcare, pharmacy benefits management, specialty pharmacy, business operations, supply chain, quality control, marketing operations design, data management and music. She has resolved many domestic and international business problems and situations amicably, with tact and nuance.

Mr. Paul J. Miller is an accomplished mediator with a diverse background spanning mediation, finance, public accounting and sales.  He holds a prominent position on the rosters of mediators for Economic Aspects of Family Law Cases; and Civil, General Equity, and Probate Cases.  Paul’s mediation practice is focused on the mediation of divorces, including equitable distribution, spousal support, child support, parenting plans, and same-sex marriage, and Civil mediation in the areas of General Equity, Construction, Real Property, Book Account, Other Insurance, Complex Commercial, Contract/Commercial Transaction, Action on a Negotiable Instrument, Tort and other within a variety of industries including Financial Services, Retail, Construction, Consumer Products, Media, High Tech, Communications, Travel and Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment.  As a Non-attorney panelist of the NJ Supreme Court Fee Arbitration Committee, Paul regularly arbitrates legal fee disputes.  

Our mediators are skilled in managing the dynamics of interpersonal relationships during mediation.  Emotions often run high in conflicts, which can hinder effective communication and rational decision-making.  A well trained and seasoned mediator, has the ability to defuse tension, promote open dialogue, and ensure that all parties feel heard and respected.  By establishing an atmosphere of trust and empathy, our mediators help to pave the way for productive discussions and creative problem-solving.


Time efficiency is another significant advantage of utilizing Opt-in Mediation Group LLC.  Traditional litigation can drag on for months or even years, consuming valuable resources and energy.  In contrast, mediation is often a much swifter process as things can be scheduled to match the parties needs.  As experienced mediators we know how to keep the process focused and on track, preventing unnecessary delays and detours.  This not only saves all of the litigants substantial time but also allows them to promptly move forward with their lives or business operations.  Our mediator’s ability to efficiently identify key issues, to clarify misunderstandings, and to facilitate productive conversations can lead to faster resolution, thereby reducing the overall financial burden.


Confidentiality is often a key concern in disputes involving sensitive information.  Litigation proceedings are generally a matter of public record, which can expose private details to a wider audience.  Mediation, however, is a private and confidential process.  Opt-in Mediation Group LLC ensures that the parties' discussions and any settlement agreements remain confidential, allowing the participants to maintain their privacy and protect their reputations.

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