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Divorce and Family Mediation:

     At Opt-in Mediation Group LLC we understand that going through a divorce is a challenging and emotional process.  Our goal is to provide you with a supportive and effective mediation experience that addresses your concerns and hesitations head-on.  Our tailored approach ensures that your needs, emotions and legal considerations are all taken into account, fostering a respectful and collaborative atmosphere throughout the mediation process.

Emphasis on Emotional Support:

     We recognize that divorce involves more than just legal matters; it is an emotional journey.  Our experienced mediators are trained to provide a safe space for open communication, allowing both parties to express their feelings and concerns.  We believe that acknowledging and addressing these emotions can pave the way for a smoother resolution.

Guidance Based in Knowledge:

     Our mediators are skilled and trained professionals with a deep comprehensive understanding of family and civil law.  They will ensure both parties are well-informed about their rights and responsibilities.  This experience helps you as the mediation participant in making informed decisions that align with your best interests and the law.

Neutral and Impartial Mediators:

     Our mediators are neutral third-parties who ensure a balanced and unbiased approach to the mediation process.  We facilitate open discussions and guide negotiations to find mutually acceptable solutions.  Our goal is to help you reach agreements that are fair and equitable for both parties, minimizing the potential for future conflicts.

Customized Solutions:

     We recognize that every divorce is situational and unique.  Our mediation process is tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to create solutions that work best for your circumstances.  From child custody arrangements to property division, financial disputes and/or general grievances, we help you craft arrangements that reflect your preferences and priorities.

Flexible Scheduling:

     We understand that your schedules may be demanding.  Our flexible mediation sessions can be arranged at times to suit both parties, reducing the stress of balancing mediation with other commitments.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

     Your privacy is important to us.  All mediation sessions and discussions are strictly "CONFIDENTIAL" providing a secure environment to address sensitive issues and concerns.

Cost-Effective Alternative:

     Mediation is often more cost-effective than traditional litigation.  By working together in a collaborative manner, you can save time, money, and emotional energy that would otherwise be spent in a courtroom.

Post-Mediation Support:

     Our support doesn't end with the mediation process.  We offer resources and guidance to assist you in implementing the agreements reached during mediation, ensuring a smoother transition into your new circumstances.

     At Opt-in Mediation Group LLC we are committed to guiding you through this challenging phase with compassion, understanding, and professionalism.  Our comprehensive divorce mediation services address your concerns and hesitations, providing a platform for respectful communication and sustainable agreements.  Let us help you to navigate this journey towards a brighter future.

     Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a peaceful and amicable resolution.


1.  Hire a Mediator:  The mediators at Opt-in Mediation Group LLC are trained and "certified" as Family Law Mediators and will act as a neutral third-party professional in mediating your divorce, family or parenting cases.  The chosen mediator is to be agreed upon by all parties.  If the parties cannot jointly agree upon a mediator, then the Court may select one for you (assuming an action is pending before the court).

2.  Gather Relevant Information: Each party should gather all of the relevant information related to the divorce such as financial documents, property titles, as well as debt information. 


3.   Identify Goals and Priorities: Before attending the mediation session(s), each party should identify their goals and priorities and determine what they want to achieve from the mediation.


4.   Create an Agenda: Each of the parties should create a detailed agenda for the mediation, which should outline the issues to be discussed and the preferred order in which they will be addressed. (i.e.: custody/visitation; sale/vacating the marital home; division of personal property, etc.)


5.   Be Prepared to Negotiate: Divorce mediation involves negotiation and both parties should be prepared to give and take.  Each party should think about their priorities and be willing to compromise on other issues keeping in mind that mediation is a process where the mediator is the facilitator for the self-driven desired results of the parties.


6.   Stay Calm and Respectful: Emotions tend to run high during a divorce, but it is really important to remain calm and respectful during the mediation.  Yelling, being aggressive, or shedding tears will not help the situation and may only make things worse.


7.   Have Realistic Expectations: It is important to have realistic expectations about the outcome of the mediation.  The parties should be prepared to make some concessions or be creative in reaching results as mediation is designed to resolve issues so that the parties can move forward with an understanding of future expectations.


8.   Bring Support: The parties are usually given an option to bring a person for emotional support and to help them communicate when a language barrier may exist or to help the participant stay focused.  However, the emotional support person will be subject to any confidentiality agreements that are required to be executed by the participants and should not be brought simply because they can be antagonistic or intimidating to the opposing side.  Emotional support persons may be restricted to a 'break-out room' and never come in contact with the opposing participant.


9.   Hire a Review Attorney: The parties may hire a separate “review attorney” to review any agreements that are reached during mediation.  The role of the “review attorney” is not to undo the hard work by the parties and the mediator during mediation.  The “review attorney” is to protect the party's interests by making sure that all issues that need to be covered in the “Marital Settlement Agreement” appear therein, that discussions were held during mediation, and that the party understands the agreement reached and the consequences that may arise therefrom.  A “review attorney” can be hired at any time during the mediation process.


10.   Follow Through: Once an agreement is reached and a marital settlement agreement is executed by the parties the participants are expected to abide by the agreement.  If any issues arise, because it wasn't addressed or there is a dispute as to the meaning of any clauses contained in the marital settlement agreement, those issues should be addressed in subsequent mediation sessions or if it is believed to be a futile exercise it should be addressed through the legal system.

The mediators at Opt-in Mediation Group LLC are here to assist you with all of your Divorce and Family Mediation needs.  Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us at or call us at  561-739-8719.

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