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Glenn P. Milgraum, Esq.

NY, NJ, and FL Family and Circuit Civil; NY/NJ Review Attorney
Headshot of Glenn P. Milgraum, Esq., APM

Our principal Mediator is Glenn P. Milgraum, Esq., APM, a "trial attorney" with over 35 years of litigation experience.  The litigation subjects that have been addressed by him through the courts in New York and New Jersey include but are not limited to: Matrimonial Disputes (Divorce, Custody/Visitation, Parenting Plans, Relocation, Support, etc.); Real Estate and Property Disputes (including Adverse Possession, Easements and Construction Defects); Restrictive Covenants; Mortgage Fraud; Commercial Litigation and Collection; Commission and Non-compete Disputes; Dissolution of Corporations and Partnerships; HOA, Co-op and Condo Disputes; Estate Disputes; and other general grievances. In addition, he has handled many transactional events which do not require Court intervention (i.e.: real estate closings, contract drafting, loan restructuring, pre-nuptials, corporate formation and maintenance, etc.)

Mr. Milgraum has earned recognition of his peers and has been awarded the designation of "APM" ("Accredited Professional Mediator") by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators ("NJAPM").  Mr. Milgraum appears on the New Jersey State Court Roster of court-approved mediators having been educated, trained and qualified to provide services as a "Civil Mediator" and as a "Mediator for Economic Aspects of Family Law Cases" (including Domestic Violence) pursuant to New Jersey Rule 1:40.  Mr. Milgraum is a current Board Member of NJAPM, is the chair of the Bergen County Peer Group and NJAPM's Real Property Special Interest Group.  Mr. Milgraum participates as a mentor in NJAPM's "Apprenticeship Program" helping to train fledgling mediators.  Mr. Milgraum also conducts weekly "peer consultations" assisting other professional mediators with information, tools and techniques for working out solutions that they may have encountered during mediation sessions with their clients.  Mr. Milgraum frequently participates as a presenter, lecturer and/or panelist educating lawyers, mediators and public groups about "Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)", Mediation, Arbitration and other legal topics.


Mr. Milgraum appears on the New York State's Mediation Court Roster pursuant to Part 146 of the Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge governing Civil Mediators in and for the New York City Judicial Districts.  He appears on the Roster for mediating "Matrimonial" actions for the five counties of New York City.  He also appears on the Rosters for "Commercial" matters, as well as the roster for "NYC Small Claims matters". 

Mr. Milgraum acts as a "arbitrator" for "fee disputes" arising between clients with their counsel pursuant to Part 137 of the Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge for New York.  He has also been appointed by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey to the Fee Arbitration Committee as an "Attorney Panelist", and occasional "Panel Chair".

Mr. Milgraum is "certified" by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida as a "Family Mediator" and as a civil "Circuit Mediator" (No. 41933 FR) in all judicial circuits of the state.

[PLEASE NOTE:   Mr. Milgraum is not admitted to the practice of law in the State of Florida; but, is authorized to act as a "Family Mediator" and a civil "Circuit Mediator" throughout all of the circuits within the State of Florida.]

Mr. Milgraum is admitted to the Bars of New York and New Jersey. He is admitted to practice before Local, State, and Federal Courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.

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