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Linda Robayo, Esq.

Divorce Coach, NJ Mediator, NJ Review Attorney
Headshot of Linda Robayo, Esq.

Ms. Robayo is a family law attorney with extensive experience handling divorce litigation, child support, alimony, parenting plans, domestic violence adoptions, custody, and property division.  She is an APPROVED, New Jersey State-Wide Family Court Mediator for Economic Aspects of Family Law Cases pursuant to New Jersey Rule 1:40.


Ms. Robayo is fluent in Spanish and has obtained nation-wide certification as a "Divorce Coach" and "Transition and Recovery Coach".  Ms. Robayo is also trained as a "Collaborative" attorney.  She is an active member of the "New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators" ("NJAPM") and is active within the N.J. State Bar Association and the N.J. Hispanic State Bar Association.  Ms. Robayo volunteers her services as a member of the Passaic County "Early Settlement Panel" assisting the Court by evaluating litigants' positions during pending Divorce actions.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself navigating your divorce with less frustrations, unmatched calm, and an increased sense of confidence.  Divorce is chaotic, and you may still sob and scream, but with a Divorce Coach you will learn to control those emotions when it’s needed most.  Divorce Coaching is different from Divorce Mediation.  With Ms. Robayo as your Divorce Coach, you will process all those emotions you're feeling so you can think more clearly when making decisions for you and your children. Help your children and others around you to adjust and figure out what would make you happy again, while you go about creating a new life for you and your children.  She will assist you in separating your "personal life" from your "work life" so you can remain on top of your game career-wise and can remain available emotionally for your children.  She will prepare you so that you can be a good communicator who can actively participate with strength at the negotiating table.  Ms. Robayo will assist you in creating a step-by-step plan to understand the legal process and banish the feeling of being overwhelmed.

If you are self-sufficient, Ms. Robayo will gladly act as your neutral third-party mediator to help you and your spouse settle your divorce on your terms.  If you have already reached an agreement with your spouse in a New Jersey matter, Ms. Robayo can act as your independent attorney for "attorney review".

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