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  • Glenn P. Milgraum, APM

Myth v. Reality: Never Mediate Via Zoom

Mediating virtually via Zoom, or another similar platform, has many benefits that may not be apparent at first glance.  In fact, there are just too many to list here so I will just showcase a few of them.  1.  Zoom mediations allow the parties to feel safe, as they can set up their own environment for maximum comfort;  2.  Everyone is on equal footing and any fear of being in the same vicinity as their opposition is removed;  3.  A party can use a virtual background to further hide where they are situated;  4.  The platform is simple enough to use and more and more people have become familiar with it;  5.  For caucusing purposes the mediator can set up as many break-out rooms as is deemed necessary;  6.  The ability to share screens permits all participants to view, and/or work on a document at the same time;  7.  Every participant is able to see all the participants straight-on rather than in profile or from across a long conference table;  8.  There is the convenience of no travel time; and 9.  the simple fact that all participants tend to be “on time”.
Myth v. Reality: Never Mediate Via Zoom

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